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Installing and managing a Smart Classroom in India has never been easier. OscarsPro presents a Smart Content Access Management Device to make management of a smart class easier and efficient. It is a single, unified solution to manage content between several users wirelessly.

OscarsPro CAM Device is capable of establishing connection wirelessly within 20 metres of range. Apart from this, it is also functional on LAN, Local WiFi, etc as well. It can deliver and play video, images, text, ZIP file, etc to 30 concurrent users that may include tablets, desktops, laptops, Smart TV and even a Smart Projector.

OscarsPro’s CAM Device also lets you arrange the information in catalogue manner in proper hierarchy like folders, sub folders and files that can be accessed from the main interface. The admin can see number of active devices, their usage details and the type of information accessed by the other connected users.

Our device comes with a battery backup of around 3 hours that is sufficient to power a couple of classroom sessions. To know more about OscarsPro Content Access Management Device, you can click on the below link to view the Catalogue.

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Cam Device

OP-ICAM-D-225 – Download Catalogue