Virtual Classroom

OscarsPro Virtual Classroom keeps students and teachers connected via audio-visual communication as well as content sharing even if they are demographically isolated. With the increasing globalisation, finding a means to connect students and teachers across the globe via digital technology is the need of the hour. OscarsPro Virtual Classroom enables teachers to conduct live classroom via video conferencing and even let them share content like PPT, PDF, documents, images, videos, audios, etc. It also helps them take e-assessments and generate instant report to gauge the performance of students.

OscarsPro Virtual Classroom along with its interactive Virtual Classroom software has E-learning both teacher as well student-centric process. With the help of its myriad features, students can interact with teachers, fellow students, ask doubts, access digital textbooks and notes.

Our Virtual Classroom can be accessed on internet browser from anywhere and from any device including smartphone and laptop. This increases the accessibility of education for students and teachers residing in remote or rural areas of India. It doesn’t require a bulky software, thus making OscarsPro Virtual Classroom a viable and doable solution for people having inadequate internet infrastructure.

Available models:

OP VCS 001 – Download Catalogue PRO-VC-01 – Download Catalogue OP-PRO-e-LAB – Download Catalogue
OP-VCS-005 – Download Catalogue OP-OSP-VCR-130M – Download Catalogue