Digital Board

OscarsPro Digital Board is a one-stop solution for smart classroom requirements of educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities and training centres. It comprises of Multimedia controller, Frame, Cabinet with Computer, Interactive display, System audio and Visualizer. With the sliding shutter facility, it can be locked when not in use. This feature also allows teachers to teach using the traditional method on the whiteboard during power outage.

The metallic frame of OscarsPro Digital Board is made up of CRCA steel sheet that is polymer powder coated to prevent corrosion. The Digital Teaching Cabinet houses the mini PC, Visualizer, Multimedia Controller along with a space to keep wireless keyboard and mouse. It is lockable to prevent mishandling and breakage.

Talking about the display of OscarsPro Smart Board or Digital Board, it is an LED backlit display with Ultra HD or Full HD resolution with high contrast ratio and brightness. With wide viewing angles, it makes teaching easier as students sitting at the extremities of the classroom can also view the board easily.

The Interactive Suite in the Board allows teachers to write with different pens, colours and annotate on the real-time images projected by Visualizer. They can also have the access to the inbuilt digital library of images, infographics, videos and animations related to the curriculum. The display is also compatible for Video Conferencing in case teachers want to initiate Virtual Classroom sessions for far-off students.

Sliding Board to write | Large Format Touch LED Display | Wall Mount Cabinet Comprising of Frame, Touch LED Display, Writing/Sliding Board, Power Backup, Wall Mount Cabinet to House Computer

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