For ensuring safety of a premise, CCTV Cameras and Solutions play a crucial role. While investing in CCTV Cameras, one needs to know all the technical aspects of the product, requirements and then proceed to make an informed decision. OscarsPro CCTV Cameras has an entire range of surveillance products suiting the diverse requirements of your business, educational institute or establishment.

Our range includes some of the robust, smart and ruggedized CCTV Cameras including PTZ Camera, Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, etc. With their high-performance and resolution, our CCV Cameras ensure your perimeter is always secured and safeguarded even in your absence.

Our Cameras are fitted with powerful CMOS sensors which are not only cost-effective but renders some of the best professional quality of surveillance footage. High resolution images are requisite to ensure a fool-proof surveillance system on your property. Hence, our solution speaks of high contrast ratio, night vision, varifocal lens and latest video compression technology to offer you 360-degree protection round the clock.

High Definition CCTV Cameras, Recorders and Accessories
12U Network Rack – OSP-20Download Catalogue Video Analytics SoftwareDownload Catalogue Chairment Delegate UnitDownload Catalogue
OP-NWS-60Download Catalogue OPC-21H3-TMDownload Catalogue OPR-2BD208Download Catalogue
OP-24PNSDownload Catalogue OP-BC-IDownload Catalogue OP-PTZ-IDownload Catalogue
OP-65-L-50Download Catalogue AccessoriesDownload Catalogue OP-AP-28W-ODownload Catalogue
OP-NP-28W-ODownload Catalogue OP-NP-36W-ODownload Catalogue OP-DV-I-HDDownload Catalogue
OP-UNR-04Download Catalogue OP-DVR-32Download Catalogue OP-UNR-8Download Catalogue
OP-UNR-32Download Catalogue OP-64C-NVR – Download Catalogue OP-DVR-4Download Catalogue
OP-DC-IDownload Catalogue OP-DVR-8Download Catalogue OPC-12B1-TDownload Catalogue  
OPC-21B3-TMVDownload Catalogue OPC-22B3-TMVDownload Catalogue OPP-2D 45UDownload Catalogue
OPR-2BR432Download Catalogue OPS-24PMN-2SDownload Catalogue OPS-16EN-FDownload Catalogue
OPC-11B1Download Catalogue OS-40NSDownload Catalogue OPR-2CR840Download Catalogue
Pro-LIU-800Download Catalogu Pro-LIU-1600Download Catalogue Pro-LIU-2400Download Catalogue
Pro-NS-4RDownload Catalogue Pro-NS-6RDownload Catalogue Pro-NR-40Download Catalogue
Pro-400Download Catalogue Pro-NR-600Download Catalogue Pro-NR-900Download Catalogue