Large Format Display

Give your displays a new definition with OscarsPro Full HD,High impact Touch displays

OscarsPro Large Format Display is a perfect display solution for your business and education use. The high quality professional display has been designed to suit the diverse requirements of organization. Our Panels offer you the supreme quality that ensures 24×7 continuous use without any interruption.

Both speed and accuracy of the touch display makes it perfect for business meetings, conferences, lectures, seminars, classrooms, etc. It boasts the picture quality of Full HD resolution coupled with high contrast ratio and brightness. All these result in a high quality picture with enhanced colour and life-like details.

Keeping the importance of connectivity in mind, OscarsPro Interactive Touch Panel comes with multiple input ports including VGA, HDMI, USB, LAN Port to connect your devices like laptop, PC, display or even smartphone.

To ensure safety of our users, our displays come with anti-glare coating for reducing strain on eyes. It can be used for hours at length without impacting your eyes negatively. The display is further protected by toughened glass of 3H hardness. This makes it perfect for everyday heavy usage.

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