LED Display / Data Wall

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Product Detail

OscarsPro LED Display Wall is the new way of advertisement and information communication. This cost-efficient and eco-friendly digital signage is a one-stop solution for every business and organizations for public display of information. LED Display Walls are becoming a trend in business due to its scalability, affordability and long operational life. With a single LED Display Wall unit, users can enjoy several thousands of operation hours.

OscarsPro LED Display Wall speaks of bright colours and high contrast ratio making your content come to life and leave behind a greater impact in viewers’ mind. Even for very small viewing distance, we have optimum signage solution for you. With smaller pixel pitch for shorter viewing distance, our LED Display Walls display pictures with utmost vividness and clarity.

OscarsPro LED Display Wall is rugged in its construction while changing a non-functional cabinet is as easy as using the solution. With the hot-swappable feature, a faulty cabinet can be changed even when the display is working and without disrupting the other functional units.

OscarsPro is a leading brand in LED Display Wall solutions with many installations across the country in offices, organizations, institutes, etc. Users who intend to get more information about our LED Display Wall range, view our models given below.

Data Wall are available in following models:

OP-DWD-411 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-47-2×2 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-47-2×2-with-controller – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-47-3×3 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-47-with-controller – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-47-with-controller-3×3 – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-47-with-controller-4×4 – Download Catalogue Data Wall Controller – OSDWC-9004 – Download Catalogue  
OS-DWD-55 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-2×2 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-3×3 – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-55-B – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-B-with-controller – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-B-with-controller-2×2 – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-55-B-with-controller-3×3 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-B-with-controller-3year-warranty – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-B-with-controller-4×4 – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-55-C – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-C-with-controller – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-D-1 – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-55-D-1-with-controller – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-HDM – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-with-controller – Download Catalogue
OS-DWD-55-with-controller-2×2 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-with-controller-3×3 – Download Catalogue OS-DWD-55-with-controller-4×4 – Download Catalogue
Pro-DB-i9U – Download Catalogue