Interactive Pad

Interactive Pad is a Smart Classroom Technology with a touch-screen tablet to give teachers better accessibility to the teachers while delivering classroom lessons to students. Teachers can stand at one place or move around the classroom while writing on the Interactive Board at the same time.

OscarsPro Portable Interactive Pad works on electromagnetic digitizing technology with a 9 inches diagonal writing space. It supports multi-touch just like our smart boards, digital boards and interactive screens for up to 6 touch points. It has a wireless range of 15 metres which provides ample of room for teachers to walk and interact with students while writing on the smart board.

With the help of OscarsPro Interactive Portable Pad, teachers can also perform following functions: Annotation software shall include features like choose, pens, annotate, erase, color, shapes, sizes, text, Edit, fonts, stamp, move, capture, picture, video, save, Rotate, undo, image gallery, print, floating key- board and Background etc.

Our Interactive Pad is provided with a battery-free stylus and a USB wireless receiver.

This wireless slate can also be used with laptop or PC with software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. to make designs. This tablet can be passed on to students to write the answer to a problem written on the Digital Board.

Interactive Pad – OP-IP-9 – Download Catalogue