Hold students’ attention from start to finish with the vivid, full HD1080p streaming images of the F55 visualizer. Zoom in to examine the minute details of any object or make annotations simply by connecting a mouse. Capture high resolution images or record HD video with audio to share with students so they can review lessons at home at their own pace. In addition, the complementary A+ Suite visualizer software gives educators an array of unique teaching tools to maximize the effectiveness of any lesson.

Key Features

  • Large A4 portrait shooting area (400 x 300 mm) for easily capturing oversized documents and 3D objects
  • HDMI output support for full HD imaging and simultaneous audio/video playback
  • Built-in MIC for simple audio recording
  • Built-in memory, SDHC card slot and USB OTG port for extensive image storage
  • User-friendly OSD (on-screen display) that puts every feature just a few clicks away
  • Embedded LED lamp with approximately 20,000 hours of life
  • Presentation tools (spotlight & visor features), picture-in-picture and split screen ideal for step-by-step Presentations and making comparisons
  • A+ Suite software collection featuring A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint, Word and Excel, and our standalone visualizer software Sphere2

Visual Presenter are available in following sizes:

Visual Presenter

OP-DC-40H – Download Catalogue Visual Presenter OP-VP-N4 – Download Catalogue OP-VP-351 – Download Catalogue
OP-VP-401 – Download Catalogue OP-VP-501 – Download Catalogue OP-VP-601 – Download Catalogue
OS 3 – Download Catalogue OS-DC-10 – Download Catalogue OP-VP-N2 – Download Catalogue
OP-VP-N3 – Download Catalogue OP-VP-301 – Download Catalogue OSNS-118 – Download Catalogue
DC-22 – Download Catalogue OP-VPN3 – Download Catalogue OP-DC-40H-A – Download Catalogue