Vertical Signage and Displays

OscarsPro Vertical Signage is the new age display technology to convey information to a large audience while making it visually appealing and more impactful. Our Vertical Signage units come with a sleek, metallic floor-standing design with a Full HD display to engage the audience and improve the impression of content on their minds. These dynamic displays captivate the passerby and motivate them to engage with the content displayed on it. This is the reason why there is major shift from traditional methods of signage to Digital Signage.

OscarsPro Vertical Signage comes with a Full HD display with a protection of tempered glass to protect it from vandalism when installed at public places. The air cooled design doesn’t require exhaust fans, thus providing a completely noise-less operation. For the outdoor models, we provide a IP rating of 55 to protect it from the harsh environmental conditions like sunlight, dust and rain.

OscarsPro Vertical Signage is a perfect signage tool for business, educational institutes, corporate organizations, public places, etc. To know more about our range of Vertical Signage, click on the brochures given below.

Stunning Appearance, Picture Perfect Visuals, Full HD

Vertical Signage and Displays are available in following sizes:

Vertical Signage and Displays

OP-VS-55- Download Catalogue OS-VSC-55S- Download Catalogue OS-VSA-149- Download Catalogue
OS-VSA-155- Download Catalogue OS-VSW-143- Download Catalogue OS-VSW-143-with-software- Download Catalogue
OS-VSW-149- Download Catalogue OS-VSW-149-with-software- Download Catalogue OS-VSW-155- Download Catalogue
OS-VSW-155-with-software- Download Catalogue OS-VSA-155-D- Download Catalogue OS-VSC-501S3- Download Catalogue
Pro-IK-510H Download Catalogue