Student Response System

Student Response System is an easy, interactive way to carry out polls, quizzes, and surveys in classrooms. It is also useful in taking Multiple Choice Questions-based tests in classes. It includes multiple Students Clicker, a Teacher Clicker and Wireless Receiver Module to make a complete solution. An Interactive Display or Smart Board is also deployed to display the questions in the classroom to students. Students can select options from A,B or C via Students Clicker. The response is send over a Wireless Receiver Module and then stored in an internal storage.

Students can also send messages to teachers via Clickers. There is an On-Screen Display on it to check the battery status of the clicker, answer content, signal sent and ID number. The entire solution can be integrated with other software like Microsoft PowerPoint to conduct quizzes and polls.

The operating systems supported by OscarsPro Student Response System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 10, Vista and Linux. It also supports Oral, blackboard, or paper-based questions.

For more information about OscarsPro Student Response System, click on the catalogues given below.

OP-Pad-A- Download Catalogue OP-PRO-CLICKERS – Download Catalogue