Digital Teaching System

Easy Effective & Interactive Teaching……

Digital Teaching System, one of our premium product is a comprehensive & ultra-simplified solution with all the components of a smart classroom (DTS, interactive Board, Multimedia projector, Green Board, Sound bar) laced in one solution. A single button solution, it gives ease of operation to teachers & students, turning education into a simplified yet enriching experience.

OscarsPro Digital Teaching System is an advanced education technology solution that transforms a conventional classroom into a smart classroom. Thousands of classrooms in India are using OscarsPro Digital Teaching System and have experienced a great shift in their teaching methods. Digital Teaching System also increases students’ engagement by many folds. It also equips students with the latest digital technology and keeps them ahead of the curve.

Teachers can utilize the lecture time efficiently as they don’t have to spend time writing the notes on the whiteboard. They can prepare the notes beforehand and share it with their students in a PDF/Docx format. The Digital Teaching System also comes with an inbuilt library of course-related content like images, 3D diagrams, infographics, simulations, videos, audios to aid learning and build students’ interest in their curriculum.

When combined with an interactive Language Lab Software for languages like Hindi, English and Sanskrit, an empty room can also be transformed into a fully-functional Language Laboratory. Students can learn a second language efficiently by using the tools like headphones, audio-visual exercises, articulation, jaw-movements, etc.

Digital Teaching System are available in following models:

Digital Technology Lab
OP-PRO-DT-LAB – Download Catalogue OSP-DR-21HG – Download Catalogue
English Lab Equipments
OP-DTD-i3 – Download Catalogue
Complete Solution – Smart Classroom
OSDB-11 – Download Catalogue
OSDTS-I3 – Download Catalogue OSDTS-I36 – Download Catalogue OSDTS-I37 – Download Catalogue
OSDTD 01 – Download Catalogue OSDTD I3 – Download Catalogue OSDTD 02 – Download Catalogue
OP-115A-DTD – Download Catalogue
Digital English Language Lab
OS-DTS-PI7 – Download Catalogue OP-ELL-20-1 – Download Catalogue
OSDTD-3-for-Business – Download Catalogue
OSDTD-I3 with ELL10 (10 Users) – Download Catalogue OSDTD-ELLHS (20 Users) – Download Catalogue OSDTD-I3 with ELL20 (20 Users) – Download Catalogue
OSDTD-I3-with-ELL20-and-Furniture – Download Catalogue
Digital Commerce Lab
OSDTD-CLHS (20 Users) – Download Catalogue
Digital Bio-Informatics Lab
OSDTD-03 (20 Users) – Download Catalogue
DTS – Learning Management System and Virtual Classroom
DTS OS-3 With LMS And Virtual Classroom having Camera & USB MIC – Download Catalogue