Digital Rostrum

Digital Rostrum is a smart, interactive device and a smarter version of conventional podium, that finds application under different settings including classroom, lecture hall, meeting room, auditorium, launch events, etc. They are an advanced version of Rostrums fitted with an interactive touch-enabled display and an advanced Mini PC configured to Windows or Mac. They are easily coupled with display devices like Interactive Board, Interactive Flat Panel Display, etc. to manage the content remotely.

OscarsPro Digital Rostrum allows the presenter to interact with the audience without having to care about the script, papers, microphones, etc. With the help of wireless microphone, they can leave their place and even interact with the audience sitting at the far end of the room.

The entire solution is lockable and movable to ensure its security and mobility. It comes with multiple security layers including RFID password, mechanical lock, password protection to shield it from mishandling and vandalism in settings like classrooms, lecture halls, etc.

Our range of Digital Rostrum includes Smart Digital Podiums with myriad of features to suit your presentation requirements. To know more about OscarsPro Digital Rostrum, click on any of the catalogues given below.

Electronic Lectern – OP-DR-21 – Download Catalogue Electronic Lectern – OSP-DR-21H – Download Catalogue
Smart Rostrum
Smart Rostrum – OSDP-20-PRO – Download Catalogue OS-53P – Download Catalogue OS I1K – Download Catalogue
OS I6K – Download Catalogue OS I12K – Download Catalogue OSDP-20-PRO – Download Catalogue
OPDP-221 – Download Catalogue OsPro-Lect-i3-22-V – Download Catalogue OS-PRO-Lect-i3-V – Download Catalogue
DR-19N – Download Catalogue OS-DP-19HD – Download Catalogue OSP-DR-21H – Download Catalogue